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Adam R

How can you not mention the REAL automotive star of "Bullitt"? The bad guys' jet black '68 Dodge Charger R/T steals the show from the Mustang. To me that '68 is the sexiest and meanest muscle car ever made, and it's the perfect vehicle for the glove-wearing, shotgun-touting villains.


Okay, a couple of things...

I'm so jealous! I'm a Texan and I've yet to see "Grindhouse." True, I'm only a Houstonian, but still... I've been obsessing about this flick since it was first announced. I canna wait to viddy it (as a Scottish Alex might say).

Next, that's a boss car, babe. But already know that.

Last, you definitely hit all the "car chase highlights," Kim. So, for #11, I nominate John Frankenheimer's 1998 flick, "Ronin." Killer car chase in that one, fer sure...



I totally mentioned it--the damn thing was cut off by Burt Reynolds' cowboy hat. But that car is there. Well, it should have been. So it's added.

Thanks though. And you are right of course. I'm not a big Mustang fan myself....


Frankenheimer's "Ronin" and "Grand Prix" should get honorable mentions, if I had an honorable mention.

Thanks about my car. It used to be all primer, and I labored over ever changing the paint--I love primer cars. The black came out nice though. And I'm a simple person--I like shiny things.

Sean O'Hara

Interesting how all the films on the list were made between 1968 and '79. That might be Kim's bias for movies of the '70s, but I can't think of many good car movies outside of that period either -- Gun Crazy and They Live by Night don't put enough emphasis on the vehicles, and the machines in Road Warrior aren't exactly cars. Ronin's really the only recent film that could fit on the list -- and even there I'd say Grand Prix is a better choice.

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