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Whoa, you're right, Kim. I've associated this piece with Shepard for so long that I'd forgotten Altman was even involved. Of course, Altman WAS the perfect choice (besides Shepard) to direct this mini-masterpiece.

Appropriations Committee


I've been wanting to comment here for a long time (you're the only other die-hard Warren Oates fan I've ever heard of), but I finally HAD to. Fool for Love and Come Back to the Five and Dime are TOP SHELF Altman. I would have been content if he spent the rest of his life directing these small theater pieces. They were the perfect thing to rescue him from the crap he was making in the early 80s. Thanks for the reminder... gotta head over to netflix now.


I knew I was different than most kids when I lucked out in seeing Jimmy Dean when I was 9 and loved it; my friends were giggling in the other room doing kids stuff, and there I was fascinatedly glued in front of the screen. I didn't understand it, but I knew it was special. I fell in love with film as a medium I think that afternoon.

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