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Amen. I had mixed feelings about this film after first seeing it, but it's grown in my memory and I need to take another look ASAP. Thanks for the reminder.
Nolan is a smart guy and he meant well, but the sight of a pudgy, late middle-aged Pacino chasing an even pudgier Williams over fences and floating logs killed the movie for me. That and Hillary Swank doing her trademark conepone routine.


I haven't seen "Insomnia", Kim, but thanks to your excellent post, I plan to.

The genre "neo-noir" is tricky. For most people, it's simply a matter of stylistics. But it goes deeper than that. Thematic qualities at the heart of noir are rarely discussed by most reviewers (few understand noir as well as you).


I haven't seen Insomnia, but I have it right now :P I cannnn't sleep :(

Great post tho :)

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