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Ah, fantastic. I didn't know anything about Delon in real life, aside from his unfortunate friendship with Jean-Marie Le Pen. He definitely has "his own kind of range," though occasionally, as in The Leopard and Un Flic, he's a bit of a blank slate. Sometimes the audience has to project their own feelings onto that perfect face, because none are really showing through. You could say the same of Garbo, though.


ok wtf with le pen??

Melissa Politte

I met Alain Delon in Paris in March, 2007 after a performance of "Sur Le Route de Madison," the French version of "The Bridges of Madison County," in which he co-starred with former love Mireille Darc. He is as beautiful and unmarked by time at age 71 as he was at 31 and he was extremely kind and warm to me. He will live in my heart forever.

Elke Oberg

I wonder if Zac Efron knows that he looks exactly like the young Delon. I put some pictures side by side and it is uncanny! I grew up with Delon's movies, thinking he was the hottest man on earth, now my daughters adore Efron. I guess some things stay the same!


Delon is much better looking than Efron.AD is not of this world!

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