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This breaks my heart, too, Kim.

I bought a 45 of My Little Red Book when I was in high school. Every garage band I knew in Houston played at least one Love song. Love's version of Hey Joe was the best. Yes, better than the Byrds. Better than The Music Machine. Even better than Hendrix. When The Doors signed on with Elektra, they wanted to be as big as Love.

Da Capo.

And then Forever Changes. I remember the summer I listened to no other album.

I'm still listening.

Thank you, Arthur Lee.


You're absolutely right, kd! I came of age in Houston during the 60s/70s, and EVERY local band worth listening to played at least one song(usually more) by Love. Long live Arthur Lee. Those who know, know.

Jamie Leeson

I was fortunate to see Love at the UEA twice, i had never heard much before i went but afterwards i was hooked. I will miss those Love gigs. I have recorded a tribute to love on the web site above.
A great loss to us all.


I just discovered this band & I can't stop listening. Truly a classic overlooked genius.


arthur lee was a GOD...enough said!

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