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I really, really liked Bogart in this role. Maybe I'm off base here (I haven't researched it at all), but it seemed to mean something to him...something more than his usual parts.


I really liked the article. This is one of my favorite films and boasts probably Bogart's best performance. He had to make us sympathize with Dix, through the good times and the bad. He pulled it off brilliantly. Gloria Grahame is excellent as the cool, vulnerable woman we all want to be the one that saves Dix from his internal demons. Doomed love was never more poignant or sad--Gloria Grahame and Nicholas Ray became estranged during filming. You have to wonder what was going through their heads during the break-up climax.

And to answer a previous commentator, many critics argue that Dix Steele is as close to Bogart's own persona as it'll get. His own production company made the film, so there is definitely a personal touch to the film.

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Yea! you right its easy to see these two are perfect for each other, the sharp, world-weary but sunny actress, and the brooding intellect who's probably surprised he actually likes a woman in this town. I enjoyed reading your article will certainly visit your site more often now.


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