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I knew nothing about Payton, but now I know a little, and I'm glad to, although it hurts. Great piece of writing; thank you for this!

John O'Dowd

Kim,this article is brilliant. I have read everything you have ever written about Barbara, and it has all been excellent. This piece is beyond that. Your understanding of Barbara (and of what happened to her, and why) is, in a word, uncanny. I love it that you never judge her negatively, and yet you are very honest in describing her fatal flaws and many (intentional?) missteps.

Barbara's story has haunted me for years, and I imagine it always will. With people STILL damning her in print (50 years after her death), I can't tell you how valuable a responsible study of her life (like this one of yours) is in restoring a lot of Barbara's humanity and dignity. We ALL want to be understood -- and we all deserve it -- and that is what you have given Barbara, once again, with this latest piece. As her biographer (and one who has long felt an allegiance to her), I really appreciate it, and I'm grateful to you. Thank you, Kim.

Best wishes,
John O'Dowd


Extreme physical beauty is a dangerous thing to its possessor if she doesn't know its power to blind men to the soul. It is a curse, and by the time she learns how to dispel it, it has done its damage.

Sylvie Poitevin

Wonderfully written piece Kim Morgan :)
This could have been turned into a great part for Susan Hayward


I didn't know too much about her either and thanks for this. Great piece of writing.

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