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I love that you referred to Track of the Cat. It is so often ignored. I know it isn't great, but it grabs me.


Gee, if I had to strict my picks in the US releases calendar, that would probably be my exact top-10 too.
(I never comment on posts, but I'm that amazed by the coincidence...

...especially for Cronenberg and By the Sea)
Great films, great list anywayz.
You don't need to justify yourself for Inherent Vice, we all deep down knew that's top-10 ever material as soon as Vitamin C started playing.

Have a wonderful 2016.

Ghijath Naddaf

Mad Max and Inherent Vice are great. Haven´t seen TH8 and
The Revenant yet, but will.
I liked MAPS to the Stars, but the
bad cgi shot, almost killed it for
Can´t wait for the interviews with
Tarantino and Shane Black.


No film affected me more last year (even though I first saw it on a screener in Dec 14) than Inherent Vice. Since then, I've read the book, bought the Blu-Ray along with a cheap used Blu-Ray player (I've not bought a another Blu-Ray since-I know I'm cheap) & have seen it around 7 times. Hard to explain its appeal for me but I love the opening shot as well as the first scene along with the period details, its humor, soundtrack, etc. I must note, however, that just about everyone I know loathes it or expresses a certain boredom. Your take on it is so spot on, I appreciate it...

steve mowrey

With you 100% on 'Vice'--up to 11 viewings w/ no end in sight. Film of the century, thus far. Great list, btw. Now if I can find current S & S in Mexico City will have it made.

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