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Rick Scutts

Sereiously couldn't find a place for "Shawshank Redemption" on your list but "Two Lane Blacktop" gets a mention...Your list strikes me as a list of someone who is more concerned with self image than reality.. x

Kim Morgan

Oh, brother. You don't know me well. Or have read this blog for the last ten years during which I've described my obsession with Two-Lane since recording it on USA Up All Night in high school when it wasn't available. It's the movie I show every friend, prospective boyfriend and one I've seen... too many times to count. I've also written about it here, for Garage Magazine and for my Criterion essay on Warren Oates and Monte Hellman. I've seen The Shawshank Redemption.... once. You live with your reality, I'll live with mine. Peace.


That is the point of a personal list - the films that you love - not what other people think you should.

Paul D. Brazill

Splendid list.


Weird... This could pretty much be my own list. This week, anyway. Any top 10 that contains 2 Warren Oates has gotta be right.

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