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This is just such a beautifully written and observed tribute to such a unique, unforgettable actor. It's really true - Tarantino, and the Coen Bros. would have given him some great parts in his later years. We should be thankful for what he did for Hellman and Peckinpah especially. THE WILD BUNCH just blows my mind every time I screen it and he is simply brilliant in it - a characterization that he and Sam honed to perfection.

Shawn Gordon

I just got my copy of "The Shooting/Ride In The Whirlwind" last weekend. I absolutely love this piece on the great Warren Oates. One of my very favorite actors. Thank you, Kim for shining a light on this great actor. I could never write a piece this good to do him justice. You write so much better than I ever could ever hope to.

Dan Hudson


Jorge Edgardo López

Hermosos los comentarios y apreciaciones del Oates hombre y actor.No logro saber si Warren actuó en un pelicula de los '50 en la cual junto a un amigo,vagabundos, irrumpen en una casa de gente rica.El amigo seduce a la dueña para entregarsela a Warren, si es que era él, y Warren no puede tener sexo con ella y discute con su amigo, ¿pueden ayudarme?, gracias: un amigo argentino


Warren Oates was so badass, very genuine man. And is a pretty accurate essay; I've already read it several times, and agree with every single word you used to describe him.
He belongs to that almost extinct species of men who usually make the best friends, and also the best lovers for women ;)

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