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Never heard of him but I love Neil Young and Ingmar Bergman so you got my attention. Great stuff.


I love this. And to inadvertently reveal my age, as a kid I remember sitting in front of the TV on a late Saturday afternoon (when our local TV station aired the show). I remember Dolly's predecessor "Pretty Miss Norma Jean." I seem to recall Porter being shot by his wife back in the 60s and I remember people saying that "Pretty Miss Norma Jean" was the reason why. And I remember Dolly. It always tickled me to recall all those appearances with Porter on those Saturday afternoons after she came into her own as a mega-talent. Thanks for this wonderful site. Reading you is like sitting with my best friends and talking movies.

Bill Hicks

I commend to you Porter's "Carroll County Accident," and George's "From the Window Up Above," for more wonderful examples of this late lamented genre.

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