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Fish Tank really caught me by surprise and I'm so glad it resonated with me so deeply even though I'm not anywhere near 15 or a girl. I've found myself attracted to films set in lower or working class environments and character dramas that arise or derive from them and Fish Tank completely embraces those traits. It reminds me of this other film that I only recently watched, Sweet Sixteen, which also happened to be my intro to Ken Loach. And Fish Tank was the kind of film that introduced me to Andrea Arnold and made me pretty much vow to watch everything she did from then on. I don't think either film would have thrived were it not for the lead performances and Kate Jarvis was short of a revelation. I'm so glad you were able to discuss the complexity of Fassbender's character so well. I thought it couldn't just be me who wondered why I wasn't so outraged by Connor and what he did. Perhaps it was shot like a love scene and not swayed to the kind of direction you thought it perhaps should have been with Mia being a minor. I ended up questioning the same thing! Kudos to Arnold for deftly directing that difficult scene. The dance that closes the film was such a perfect little culmination to Mia's journey and was quite unforgettable. It almost haunts me.

Jeff Duncanson

I had previously only heard of Andrea Arnold through "Red Road", which I liked a lot. That was also a film which presented sex in a way that made one a wee bit uneasy. I am going to check this one out, as well.

Mark Beer

That's a hell of a good piece of writing .

I want to see the film . Even though it's obviously a sad story .

No art is there to amuse us, is it? That's what entertainment is for .

David Greenwood

Once again, Kim, you recommend nothing but the coolest movies. Thanks for exposing me to such an awesome film. I though about writing about it, but I doubt I can do better than your insightful piece. I'll keep reading!

Miss Lisa

Beautiful, Kim. If I had to sum this film in a word, "unsparing" would do. Its characters are about as human as film characters can be. Arnold respects us enough to hit us between the eyes and we'll never forget it. Modern Chekhov.

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