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Dave Enkosky

Love John Garfield and I absolutely loved this post.


Lovely sentiments, he's always been my favorite actor. It's curious, as a boy in the late 50's early 60's, Garfield's name was all over our TV, due to programming deals for older films, along with Joel McCrea, Randolph Scott, Greg Peck, and a lot of other names that have faded, if the performances haven't. I thought they were real greats, and I wasn't wrong. I watched 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' so many times it was ingrained in my head, without realizing it's basic storyline was more adult than I should've been watching. I think it's scandalous how so many great players are sidelined by time, but at least the films live on. Thanks for such a great post.

Lisa Baker

I loved him as an a patriot and, simply, as a man. I wish he'd been given the opportunity to make many more movies for us all to enjoy. I miss him

Donald Morris

Wonderful retrospective vision of a truly iconic giant among actors. I am insanely obsessed with The Breaking Point. The astonishing fluency JG's inhabiting the character of Harry Morgan takes my breath away completely. It is a staggeringly finely crafted achievement and gives me goose-bumps just thinking about it.

thank you for this wonderful tribute to the magnificent
actor john garfield. when you watch his work it is so very obvious how many actors who came after him modeled
their craft on garfield's unique style.

the only actor in my mind to hold a candle to him, and beyond, was the brilliant paul muni.
they did work together in one film.

now, in 2015, as i approach my 63rd year, i cannot get enough
of our actors and actresses from the silent era up in to the 1950's.

one of my very favorite garfield movies is 'out of the fog' with the gorgeous
and talented ida lupino. their chemistry. along with the work of james wong howe is magical.

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