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Awesome job. Very cool, thanks for writing this.

John Johnson

This is amazing! Beautifully done. I really like the fact that you are able to pick out some films I haven't seen in a genre that I usually am more well versed in than some of the lame articles or lists of, that are everywhere on the net, and Tarrantino--the impetus of that proliferation--is smartly left off of yours, not that he hasn't earned his place, it just would have been to obvious.

Bronson as Machine Gun Kelly? how could I have not seen this? and Bardot as Bonnie Parker--singing like Nico?--she should have been able to straighten up in erectile dysfunctions..err well you know what I mean.

Ah yes, the best of the best is still Warren Oates. I snapped up a DVD copy of this mostly because Hollywood seems bent on forgetting the man entirely. Milius and Oates seemed a perfect pair. Milius understood just how glorious a Tommy Gun could be on film.

I don't want to write an article in your comment box, so suffice to say, amazing work again--especially that first paragraph, poetry it was.

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