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Dan Leo

Ha ha — I just watched The Old Dark House last night! Brilliant list, Kim.


Happy Halloween, Kim! you've made a very complete list (some of my favorites as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Peeping Tom and Lost Highway), and I didn't know some of these films of this article, which I'll check out.


This is a fantastic list. Thanks very much.

Erich Kuersten

Good list work Kim, I love seeing Don't Deliver us from Evil in amongst these more established gems. There are three I haven't seen - FUnhouse, Black Xmas, and These are the Damned, but now I must see them all.

SPeaking of lurid Lon Chaney vehicles remade into lurid soundies - you got to see KONGO (with Walter Huston as the terrifying ivory trading drunk cripple part originally played by Chaney in the silent West of Zanzibar). KONGO is like one of those soiled soul 70s showers you write of brought back to the pre-code era. Jeeezus Christ! You rock as always...


Thanks so much for this--so many to look forward to. You listed many of my favs, including Don't Look Now, The Uninvited, The Old Dark House ("Even Welsh ought not sound like that"), and Suspira. And Rosemary's Baby. Night of the Hunter... I can see why you had trouble! I'll add Séance on a Wet Afternoon, not really horror, but decidedly creepy, disturbing, and sad. Happy Halloween, and in the words of Elvira "Unpleasant Dreams!"

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