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Tony Dayoub

Thank you, Kim, for spotlighting this perverse but nonetheless satisfying film. Sebastian's end, as Mankiewicz depicts it, is absurdly lurid. There's something about the way the cannibalism comes about that is sexual to a disturbingly horrific and quite repulsive degree.


I love this wonderfully disturbing film. I first saw it as a 3rd or 4th run at a Detroit area theater in 1960 or 1961. My mother took me to see it because she'd already discovered her preteen eldest son loved movies that make you think.

On the way out to the car afterward I made sure to open the driver's door for her so I could give her a quick hug and whisper "Thanks for being normal, mom."

My mother made use of that for the next 40+ years until she died, reminding me often "Don't forget least I'm a 'normal' mom."

A Mother's Day film indeed.

Kim Morgan

Gregory: Thanks for that lovely memory -- it made me really happy to read.

You not only had a "normal" mom, but a really cool mom.

Thanks again,

Shawn Gordon

Hell, yeah; I have always been looking for the perfect mummy's day movie, and I must admit that I never would have thought of this perverse little gem. I first saw the movie a decade or so ago, alas after my mother had already passed away, but was blown away by the lurid nature of this well produced and performed movie.

Erica David

I've always loved this demented movie too. Violet and Sebastian, Sebastian and Violet!

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