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You may like this, a podcast all about The Woman Chaser including interviews with the director, producer, and Warburton himself:


Kim- So glad you profiled this movie. I saw it in its theatrical run, believe it or not, and was excited to own it when it eventually came out on DVD. Sadly, I've never seen one of those you mentioned and I don't even have a VCR anymore. Anyway, I hope somebody reissues this because it takes the absolute right approach to Willeford's book. I was worried it would turn into a sleazy soap opera when I thought about how one might adapt it, but I agree Devor took just the right sardonic tone, and Warburton was the perfect choice to play this guy. Sorry my comments about the movie are so general, but I haven't seen it in 12 years. Maybe if we all keep blogging and writing about it, somebody somewhere will step up and take notice.

John Maddox Roberts

I discovered Willeford right about the time he died, so I never had a chance to meet him, which is one of the big regrets of my life. All his novels were mind-bending, "Woman Chaser" more so than most. I've read all the Willeford I can find, including his unpublished "A Guide for the Undehemorrhoided." Kurt Vonnegut once told Willeford he'd sell a lot more books if he wrote about Wealthy, good-looking, successful people, but thankfully Willeford just went his own way. A true American original and the only successful novelist I am aware of who completed a 20-year military career before taking up fiction (he wrote poetry while in the service.)


Hey, Bahooka's!

Seriously, Warburton is funny, versatile, and looks great in a 60's suit. I think he'd fit in quite well.


First thing I thought of was Warburton in The Dish, where he's a NASA representative during the first Moon landing.

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