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Random Walker

"Old age is no place for sissies."
Thank you Ms Davis...

Miss Lisa

There was something very punk rock about Ms. Davis. Man, could she angrily smoke. Every would-be actress ought to watch her in "Of Human Bondage." She had guts all right.

You are a brilliant writer. I enjoy every word.

Ed B.

While it's not possible for you (or any of us, for that matter...) to experience Ms. Davis "as she was," a good approximation of what she was like in real life can be found in Sandford Dody's GIVING UP THE GHOST, where the author--who was the ghostwriter for her first autobiography THE LONELY LIFE--creates a vivid portrait of her in the years immediately preceding BABY JANE. You might find Dody a bit smug in his assessment of what we now call "divas," but he does capture some interesting nuances...

Paul F. Etcheverry

Saw several Bette Davis films in glorious 35mm on the big screen during the 100th birthday retrospective at Stanford a few years back. Damn, she's good - nails every role, from melodrama to light comedy.

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