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Dave Enkosky

Wow, so many movies I need to see now. I've been meaning to see Losey's M for the longest time. This gave me extra incentive to track down a copy. Samuel Becket's Film also has me really intrigued. And Remember Last Night? I love me some James Whale.


Except for Film, I had never heard of any of these (including Secret Ceremony - Liz and Mia taking a bath together? How had I never heard of that?) And I hadn't seen Film until today, thanks to your link. Just when I thought I couldn't sit through it, the sequence with the cat and dog made me laugh out loud, a bittersweet reminder of Keaton's early work and masterpieces (and of course the emphasis on eyes a reminder of Un Chien Andalou). Then it became mesmerizing and I couldn't not watch.

I didn't know either that M, one of my favorite films, had ever been remade, although it makes sense to chance the setting and context. Nowadays we barely wait a year it seems before remaking something; I'm surprised it took as long as it did in this case. This article (and a lot of your reviews in general) remind me over and over that there were a lot more films made over the last 100 years than the classics and chestnuts you read about in film school or that "everybody knows."


I've seen a few of those; great stuff. I need to find The Threat and Loophole, like, yesterday.

My movie buddies and I do this every year, too. The best older "first timers" for me in 2011 were:

Mother (Naruse, 1952)
Gunman’s Walk (Karlson, 1958)
The Raid (Fregonese, 1954)
Hell’s Highway (Brown, 1932)
The Devil is a Woman (Sternberg, 1935)
Captain Horatio Hornblower (Walsh, 1951)
The Nickel Ride (Mulligan, 1974)
Hell’s Half Acre (Auer, 1954)
Private Hell 36 (Siegel, 1954)
Waterloo Bridge (Whale, 1931)


I can't even remember how many old movies I saw last year, since it seems all I do is watch movies. But one jumps to mind. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP, which was everything they said about it and more. As a male near, if not in, middle age, I am glad I waited till now to see it. It's all about what it means to be a man and get old; I wouldn't have appreciated it half as much if I saw it when I was young. Oh, and speaking of Powell and Pressburger, I was also blown away by A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH, which I saw the same week (some channel, probably TCM, had a mini marathon).


Cool picks, I wish more were available on DVD but then I guess you would have seen them before if they had been. I was intrigued with the M remake David Wayne? I was glad to see that Big House U.S.A was available for streaming. I'm in Palm Springs now and am ashamed to say that I have so far allowed life to get in the way of my plans to attend the Noir festival, or even the film festival, I wanted to go see Bullhead and didn't do it, I am a jerk. Here are some of my first timers for snikering alowed. In not particular order...

The Red Shoes
Tokyo Drifter
Brute Force
Under The Volcano
Branded to Kill
Nightmare Alley
The Hitch Hiker (1953)
Hot Rods To Hell
Angel Face (1952)
Border Incident (1949)
Bend of the River
The Man From Laramie
The Far Country
The Naked Spur
Winchester 73 (obviously a Anthony Mann marathon)
Charley Varrick
The Long Goodbye (1973)just to name few.

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