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Nice to read something about Harriet Craig (can't imagine why it isn't better known). I don't find Harriet completely lacking in sympathy (those few shots where she's alone, she always looks worried).
I too knew a Harriet Craig as a kid, a neighbor lady, and it's amazing how she's mellowed over the years.
Annoying how the bosses wife treats her in her own home, at that party--did NOT like that character at all.
Crawford is terrfic here, and as self-aware as she was, I wonder how much of herself she injected into Harriet? I have read that she changed some of the dialogue to reflect her own experiences "I'd come a long way from working in a laundry."
Thanks. I need to see this again!


Sing it, Sister.


Erich Kuersten

Whoa! Pretty terrifying and heart-rending to imagine you forced to listen to Muzak all day by a crazy stepmom. But maybe that's partially responsible for your McMurphy-level steeliness and rebellion in the face of control freaks, and your ability to see films like Harriet Craig, In a Lonely Place, They Shoot Horses, etc. over and over where most of us flinch away like from a crazy parent forcing our hands on a hot stove top burner after only one viewing. I can see Darren Aronofsky making a Kim Morgan biopic one day. Thanks for sharing these memories in the meantime. You are my hero... in

Miss Lisa

This looks great. I've seen "Craig's Wife" and I love Rosalind Russell. Never had an appreciation for Joan except for Mildred Pierce. But now as I age, I find myself attracted to her later roles. There's a steely whacked-out zaniness to the casting of middle-aged Crawford. This looks like Crawford on the cusp of that, proving that in Hollywood, women over 40 eventually only get cast in horror films.

And thanks for sharing some of your personal story. That sounds rough and I'm glad classic movies helped a little.

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