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Random Walker

Damn lady, now I'm gonna have to watch these again once more ;-]
Mighty fine read, as usual ...


Marnie has been a favorite movie of mine since I first saw it in my early teens. I understand it better now, lol, and it's still a fave. That probably says something about me, but I'm a little scared to think what!
I do find that scene on the ship uncomfortable, though.


Fascinating about the handbags, and enjoyable post. Although I don't know if Hitch loved his women a little crazy, so much as he loved depicting how both society and viewers make them crazy. For me, it's not just in Marnie where sympathy exists, but in all his films dating back to The Lodger and Blackmail. I think Tania Modleski nails down many of his films.

john in denver

Ha. You are forgetting the sexiest blond of them all, Marlene Dietrich. Biographer John Russell Taylor(Hitch:the life and times of Alfred Hitchcock) claims STAGE FRIGHT was Hitch's personal "homage to Dietrich" - that she in fact "frightened the daylights out of him." Dietrich later is quoted in book as saying to her daughter,"I don't like him. Why they all think he is so great, I don't know." Go Figure.


Glad Roger Ebert sent me here. Very nice essay. I did my masters thesis on a critical history of Vertigo over 25 years ago. The film was in the process of getting the respect it so deserved. Your piece is evidence of the richness of that and the other Hichcock films of that era.

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