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thanks for this... cul-de-sac is one of my absolute favorites of any filmmaker, it's a shame it's so underappreciated as you said... and look at that— you wrote about it compellingly without even having to mention that CRAZY 8 minute shot with the airplane! happy birthday indeed!!!


This is a terrific tribute -- I'm glad to see someone else loves THE TENANT and THE GHOST WRITER as much as I do.

Polanski's one of the all-time great horror filmmakers, mixing claustrophobia, sexual sickness, and dark comedy with unmatched wit and precision. REPULSION especially is just a masterpiece I couldn't imagine anyone else making.

I'm glad he's still at it -- and oh my god, I can't wait to see CARNAGE! Fittingly, it looks like the whole thing's set in an apartment.


Great post about one of the greatest cinematic authors alive! I disagree with some of the choices ("The Ninth Gate" was a great disappointment for me) but I think it is awesome that you included "Bitter Moon", one of my favorite movies of all time, as well as that you pointed out (alas, just in passing) that "Rosemary's Baby" can be read as a feminist work... I think it most definitely is, and not only feminist but, hm, anti-establishment in the 60's sense in general (apart from Rosemary's obviously square husband, everyone else in the movie who is trying to push her down is waaay over 30)... Just discovered this page and will read other posts, thanks!

Colin Biggs

Chinatown has always - and foreseeably shall remain - been my favorite Polanski film. The performances are so tightly constructed.

Aspirateur Industriel

I like it! "The Ninth Gate" and "The pianist" are my most favorite movies. Thanks for sharing.

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