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Matt Blankman

So happy you wrote about this film. I've loved it since it ran endlessly on HBO around '81-'82. I think Andy Romano is very good as Carl's Dad, too.

(btw, my friends and I once wrote a song "Claude Zachary, Lawbreakin' Man")

I love this film passionately too. I've sometimes thought of it as a bookend/dark side to Dazed And Confused (also one of my favorites), they're both just so real.

Funk 49

Matt Dillon was a ton of fun in "My Bodyguard". Have you seen it? It always seems like the earliest works hold an innocence that mysteriously washes out of performances a more seasoned actor. Maybe it's the pressures to stay on top of the game filtering through the lens that is absent the actor in breakout roles to the big screen. The true 'greats' can recapture and resurrect the purity of their art even in the twilight of a film/stage career..(Paul Newman in "The Verdict" comes to mind).

Erich Kuersten

Thanks Kim, for this brilliant justification of one of my longtime favorites, a super-relevant and inspiring movie which your words do fine justice to. And who else could? Some have their Paris or Casablanca, we'll always have the rec center with Claude, Cory, Carl and Richie, playing fusball, vandalizing Doberman's car, and rocking out with Cheap Trick, 1.75s of bourbon, joints and crude video music animation.


Reading your posts are making me poor! You write so well and so convincingly about movies that I find myself compelled to hunt down a copy (not always that easy here in New Zealand). Thanks, really.

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