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love you work, kim! you are great.


Well it seems that it is coming full circle now. I am starting to see a pattern. I remember a blog from you about Weld and then you blogged about "The Wild Ones" and then here we are with "Lord Love a Duck." I love the way you always spike my morning coffee with some new pop-culture acid tab. I missed this one but then I was only a year old and it was probably deemed
too saucy for Junior. More saucy then "Gidget" that is for sure...get that camera in that crotch don't be shy...yes and apparently there is some meta film within a film thing; and Roddy McDowell? The safe imported paramor that foils temptation with his undoubtedly hairless testes. I was pleased to see it streams on the flix. A great chance to see Ruth Gordon reprise her role as the crazy Grandma I am guessing? And Showalter in that clip with the sweaters...not even Frank Gorshin could take it quite this far over the top. Is this what it looks like when someone is on "Bennies"? Gun you are the real Wild One.

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