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Miss Lisa

How lovely. Thank you for this. My favorite role for Liz--she gave it everything she had and probably a lot more than she realized she had. A very excellent star.



Beautiful piece on Liz and Virginia Woolf. I've watched the film many times, but stopped for a long stretch and then saw it a few months ago on TCM and it didn't lose anything - it only gained power. It does change with age. I put up my favorite clip of the film here:

Tony Dayoub

Lovely piece, Kim. I just saw the film for the first time, too. I am in full agreement when you say, "...there's a sense of nobility to this movie that's unusual for its often-crass subject matter." This is mirrored in Haskell Wexler's last shot, the zoom-in to G & M's clasped hands and then past it to a beautiful sunrise (all while we hear Alex North's beautiful score).

Tom Carson

Wonderful post.

Craven Lovelace

Really enjoyed this piece of writing on a great movie. Thanks!

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