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Mr. Peel

Damn, you're good. I feel like watching the whole film again right now but instead I think I'll wait for the chance to see this restoration and truly feel it the way I should, the way you describe. My last theatrical viewing was over a decade ago at the Cinerama Dome. It's been too long.


Hope i get to see this restored version . This still packs a powerful punch a film that really captures New York as Dante's inferno ,is Travis in some kind of purgatory ? And instead of loading the film with his trademark selection of excellent source music ,we have . Bernard Herrman's score which is like a celebration to some doomed romance that can only lead to something very bad happening. I agree Kim this couldn't be made today,certainly not by a major studio.


I read a really old blog post about the myth of the 70's specifically refuting the supposed myth that we don't make movies like 'Taxi Driver' anymore. His points of argument are that both Marty and de Niro were up-and-coming hot shots, the latter winning an Oscar, and there are a handful of young auteurs collaborating with young, Oscar winning and nominated actors today.

But reading your post just makes me believe it all again. It's the 70's'isms, the guy playing drums on the street, the kids busting the fire hydrant so that Travis's cab gets wet, his punk hairdo.

Would 'Taxi Driver' have been half as good if the cab was driving by the plastic newspaper stands, advertising overload, driven by some crybaby hipster? I'll let you all answer that question.

ben schwartz

But Kim, did you like it or not? You didn't give it any stars at all.

Re the restoration -- what were the arguments against doing it? How could cleaning up a print of the film clean-up the NYC Scorsese shot? Were they going to CGI-out hookers?

I'm not from NYC, but a lifelong New Yorker told me has a nostalgic view of TAXI DRIVER. He says NYC got much worse during the Reagan years. The numbers of homeless increased, crack became an epidemic, then sex itself turned deadly via AIDS. It created a dangerous and scary Times Square of desperate drug use and insanity that TAXI DRIVER predates. 1976 ... the good old days, who knew?

Nelson George

Great post. They screened it twice on AMC tonight. It is the scuzzy New York of up bringing and it moves me still. Don't want it to come back but I do miss its vitality and the lessons of unending hustle it taught me (and generations of my peers.)

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