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Right on. I love your opening "it's that screwy, depressing time of year again...".( How come your e-mail blank does not recognize gmail ???)


Excellent post. and the reason this is the only cineaste blog that's worth a damn. Its The Apartment for me every New Years eve that i stay in. It hits just the right tone .
All the best for 2011

The Siren

Re: Rosemary's Baby...a long while ago I did a post on Pregnancy at the Movies, and the movie I cited as getting pregnancy right like no other was that one. And I wasn't kidding. Polanski is far from the only director who behaves questionably toward people in real life and still treats them with tremendous insight and dignity on screen.

As for critics who claim to see Billy Wilder treating his characters badly, or having contempt for them, or being some sort of misogynist, all I can do is quote Bob Dylan--it ain't me babe. I find him extremely humane.

Loved this post.


Ebert sent me here. I love your taste. I watched The Apartment and Holiday on NYE this year and found it to be a pleasant experience. For some reason black and white depictions of New Year's parties are just more affecting. I'll have to check out Bitter Moon based on it's company in this list. Polanski is a bit of a blind spot for me. Thanks.


Someone with far more free time on his hands than me figured out that if you start watching THE APARTMENT at 9:58 PM on New Year's Eve, midnight will occur in real time at the moment it does in the movie.

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