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ben schwartz

Their "Louie, Louie" is THE "Louie, Louie."

Tommy Salami

Just heard "Have Love Will Travel" on Sirius the other day. They sound just as amazing 40 years later.

Chris Morris

It's worth noting that Lenny, for some inexplicable reason, didn't include any Sonics tracks on the original two-LP "Nuggets" compilation in 1972. The three tunes cited all appeared on Rhino's "Nuggets" box, issued on CD in 1998 and co-produced by Lenny and the label's head of A&R, my buddy Gary Stewart.

Hail the mighty Sonics. Saw 'em twice at reunion gigs last year, and they killed.

Coincidentally enough, one of the DJs at a Rodney Bingenheimer gig I was at last night in Hollywood gave "The Witch" a spin. That tune never gets old.


Just discovered yer blog here, thanks to Captive Wild Woman, and what with your nods to Gould, Sonics, and Joan C., well, I feel right at home. Great pics, too!

I was doing a 10-month part-time gig in Revolver Records in SF in 1984 while learning a trade in a computer school. Billy R (RIP) the stereotypical crusty old OLD record store guy, at like, 36yrs-old, schooled me in many genres and bands. As a KALX dj at the time, I was not ignorant, but I had not heard the Sonics. What a revelation! I thought I knew '60s garage. Ha! Billy also revealed Don & Dewey. If you haven't heard, now you have. Like the Sonics, relatively unknown and very powerful.


Been listening to these guys for years!! Boom! is outstanding. Excellent pick.

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