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warts and all

-Thumping Paul Newman's bloated belly full of eggs in Cool Hand Luke.
-El Topo smells, cringes, then eats a drug beetle
-Something about the way Gary -Oldman as Sid Vicious eats a slice of pizza in the end of Sid and Nancy
-Viggo spitting peas in The Indian Runner
-Seth Brundle giving his video tutorial on how he dissolves his food by regurgitating on it and sucking it back up, Or, Vincent Price with fly head on under cloth with his bowl of milk. Sound effects of grotesque slurping.
-Liver in Leolo
-Turkey in the bathtub in Leolo


Dinner with the in-laws in Eraserhead.


check out the ultimate cinematic food excess in the suicide pact of gourmets in french cult gem la grande bouffe
I think the english release was uninspiringly called blow out... while I still can`t find any relation with antonioni classic, there`s some logic to the implosive idea, more in the monty python`s kind of way...
by the way a very cool blog


also would the amazing ressemblance between the deneuve still pic (repulsion has never looked so attractive) and your portrait be intentional?

Christianne Benedict

Strawberries in Tess? Ice Cream in Body Heat? Pizza in Top Secret? Raoul in Eating Raoul?

At least the folks in The Exterminating Angel got to eat, unlike their successors in The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.

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