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This was fantastic. I so do love how this blog started out and went right into these five films. My favorites are Kiss Me Deadly and The Hitch-Hiker. I haven't seen Jeopardy, but looks like it's now on my list. BTW...DVR'd the John Garfield film He Ran All The Way, and just watched it last night. I enjoyed what you had to say about this film on the conversation you had with Robert prior to the film. I am in agreement that Garfield should be more known than he is, and he is ultra handsome. Cheers!


Keep both hands on the steering wheel.

ben schwartz

I, of course, favor WC Fields forced to drive Repulsive Rogan's getaway car in THE BANK DICK. Personally, I think it tops BONNIE & CLYDE for hick heists.

The heist starts at 2:00. Great post, Kim!


"Hey, mister, what's it mean when a guy crashes out?" - so much of High Sierra is about those long rides on those lonely back roads.

The Siren

I agree with Wolcott that this may be your ultimate post. The opening scene-setter alone is priceless; "how dare they enjoy the scenery, Christina!" And watching Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia every Valentine's Day, well, who says that holiday has to be a Hallmark conspiracy? There's a Precious Moments greeting card I'd actually buy. I watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time on Valentine's Day but it never occurred to me that this would make an ideal annual event.

I must plump for my own favorite car freakout: Olivia de Havilland in Hold Back the Dawn. Brief but effective, and complete with flying scarf. Shades of Isadora! Right here:

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