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Edward Copeland

I've liked most of Haneke's work and The Piano Teacher remains my favorite and that's largely due to Huppert's fearless performance.


I just about burst in ecstasy reading this review. Not least of all because I'm a pianist and every note you hit is the right one.

In piano, we're often taught exactly what Huppert's character tells her students: if you play the wrong note, play it like you meant to. A mistake is indecipherable when there's a passionate force behind it; all too noticeable when it's mired in doubt. The same applies to public speaking: conviction is sometimes more persuasive rhetoric.

In parallel with Haneke's movies, I'd argue that they demand strong performances from the actors and conviction from director. Otherwise, all the things Haneke challenges us with wouldn't work.


I actually have a copy of this film on tape, somewhere in my maze of film collection. I will have to try and dig this one out and rewatch, I have not seen this film in years. But your post was spot on and it is disturbing, twisted, and very sad at the same time.

Having said all that, I have always felt that Isabelle Huppert is one great actress, and over looked by many critics. She always plays very intense roles, for example in Claude Chabrol's 1991 movie Madame Bovary, which this film version closely follows Gustave Flaubert's novel, she plays this role just spot on.

Great write up Kim! Take Care

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