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Film Production

We create patterns in our lives, and we repeat the familiar ones.

Once you recognize that, I don't know if it's good idea to repeat them all.

Some of them are really bad, really destructive. You should walk around those.

Jeremy Richey

This was great to read and watch Kim...Thank you. She's incredibly talented (I absolutely adore her work in Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and the Altman film) and I was thrilled when I had heard she had gotten the Lovelace role. Inferno is one of my most anticipated films of the upcoming year or so and I can't wait to see her performance in it...thanks again for this piece. It was really nice to read something about her talent rather than the nasty gossip that is always printed.

Mythical Monkey

Appropriate you should mention Clara Bow. I wrote about her a year or so ago and realized to what degree the current, casual perception of her is defined by mostly-false tabloids stories written nearly eighty years ago. The conventional wisdom is that today's tabloids line tomorrow's bird cage, but the fact is that our momentary giggle at someone else's expense does lasting damage.

Lindsay Lohan is a talented actress (The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, etc.) and I hope she can weather this years-long storm and re-emerge with the career she deserves.


I agree with a lot of your points. Scandal is fun. We need movie stars who live over the top. And as a guy who defended Mickey Rourke all through that wilderness known as the '90's, I agree that actors shouldn't be judged for your drunken and ego fueled mistakes. Although that can take a turn to conflicted feelings depending on the severity of the mistake (let's not talk Polanski or Allen or even Gibson). Lohan isn't in that category yet. But while I've never sat on a bed and talked to Lindsay about her career, I do think one thing separates her from those actor bad boys you mentioned. It's quite clear that the work isn't her first priority. Say what you will about Colin. I have. But the moment he had a chance, he worked with every great director he could. He's in a Malick film, for (Days of) Heaven's sake. And despite the oceans of booze or mountains of coke Nicholson or Burton sucked up, they were in some iconic films DURING their hardest partying phases. Lindsay was in Mean Girls and an Altman film. But her utter indifference to her career is painfully obvious by her actions. Despite whatever she says. Linda Lovelace is an interesting role, though the quality of the screenplay remains to be seen. As for Lohan, I'm done rooting for her.

Michael O'Keefe

Kim: I share your admiration of Ms. Lohan's talent and the need to judge her by that and that alone. She's terribly gifted and I hope this film gives her a chance to demonstrate that. Michael O'Keefe

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