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warts and all

oh yes. because of it all. like a drunken tattoo with the dirt and blood of the sun and the ravaged white suit. Nicotine burn and eyesting sweat, that running-on-empty, bottomless urge behind dark shades of a primal instinct moving with a piled-up purpose. This is it.

in slow motion an action of molting.


I wrote about the criminally underrated Warren Oates on his birthday. Great minds and all that! Mine wasn’t as eloquent as yours but I think I got the point across.
I was introduced to the movies of Sam Peckinpah at a young age, some may say too young. I first saw Convoy when I was six or seven and many more of his movies before I was a teenager but it wasn’t until I was around eighteen or nineteen that I saw The Ballad of Cable Hogue and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia. Although I enjoyed them both, neither completely blew we away. A few years later I saw Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia again on the strength of Oates in Two-Lane Blacktop. That’s when I got it, it’s not a movie that blows you away, it’s a movie that seeps into your mind until you can’t forget it, you can’t take your mind of it, you want to see it again and again knowing it will knock the stuffing out of you every time!

Will E.

I love that when Oates saw Tom Waits singing on TV in the mid 1970s, he said, "That guy stole my act." I'm sure he was referring to his character's introduction in ALFREDO GARCIA.

David Gerard

May I recommend a song? "The United States Of Warren Oates" by Dave Graney.


So Warren Oates/Bennie ruined you for other men? I can relate.

Beautiful, smart, funny, AND digs Peckinpah? You've ruined me for other women.

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