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John Jansen

I know another thing Hitchcock would have loved about Van Sant's remake -- the opening shot. Hitchcock wanted it to be a single continuous take all the way to and inside the window. But based on the equipment of the day, he could never get it smooth enough and opted for the dissolves instead. Anyway, I had a big smile on my face when I saw that Van Sant had actually fulfilled a vision for the film with his opening shot that Hitchcock was never able to do.

By the time Van Sant's version came out in 1998, I had already seen the original at least 15-20 times. So to my surprise, watching Van Sant's version actually allowed me to see PSYCHO again -- and get a brand new viewing experience out ot it. Which for a fan of the original, was kind of a small gift in itself.

And believe me, I was pretty much alone on an island with this favorable opinion in 1998, so it's refreshing to read something positive on it all these years later.

--John Jansen/The Hollywood Saloon

C. Jerry Kutner

I thought Van Sant had a great *idea* for a film that was defeated by poor casting - namely, Heche and Vaughn. If only he'd gotten his first choices for the parts - Kidman and Di Caprio!

The point where the film really loses me is the used car lot sequence where Heche is frivolously twirling an orange parasol (as opposed to Leigh's performance in the same sequence where every word she speaks and every move she makes is informed by her guilt and fear of being found out).

Tom Beshear

Have you seen the museum installation "24-Hour Psycho"? The Hitchcock film is slowed down to a 24-hour running time and projected onto a screen in a darkened museum hall. It becomes dreamlike.


An excellent restrospect on both the original and the remake. I saw the remake in the theater during its opening weekend and loved every painstakingly reproduced frame of it. Vaughn's portrayal was great in my opinion; he made Norman his own. BTW, JAWS turns 35 in three days-- I would LOVE to read your thoughts on that other timeless masterpiece...

Chad Williamson

People don't appreciate how of-the-moment "Psycho-98" is. Everyone in that movie was coming off of a then-career high; it's like a microcosm of "hot" actors at that exact moment. Some have slowly faded (Heche), others found new niches (Vaughn), others have steadily plugged along (Macy and Moore), and only one found his career grow bigger afterwards (Mortensen).

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