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David Kelber

I always welcome a good Grouping of Films like this , Just glad they keep putting them out through the different companies ,Never enough ...
Between this & Warner Home video's box #5 , it's gonna be a good summer to lay low in a crime ridden alley somewhere .....


you need to be on television kim

Scott Nye

It also has one of the greatest lines of any film noir, ever - "You're the most wanted man I've ever known" - which literally caused the audience I saw it with to full-on CHEER. One of those great moments that keeps me going to the theater.

Scott Nye

Oh, dammit, and then I got the line wrong - "You're the most wanted man I know" is I believe the correct phrasing. Ahhhh goodbye film geek cred.


@grendl : But Kim already HAS been on television.

I assume you feel as I do: that Kim should be on much more often, and regularly.

My hope is that Roger Ebert can tap Kim for a regular commentary segment that would allow her the chance to express the joy, emotions & personal response to films that excite her, just as she does above.

How about it, Ms. Morgan? Would you be interested in a monthly appearance on the new "At The Movies"? I know I'd be glued to the set, even more so on those occasions you discussed noir films, one of my favorite genres.

(Full disclosure: When Roger Ebert & friends return to the airwaves, I will be glued to the set even if that week's reviews consist of nothing but movies like T2-ROTF and the like.)


To dream, perchance to sleep;
I dare not look before I leap.

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