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Too much time on her hands and the easy access to uppers and downers. Maybe she couldn't see herself living any other kind of life. Like a moth to the flame, she wanted to live under the bright lights of Hollywood and now, terrifyingly, with the encroachment of passing years, they were beginning to dim. Too bad she didn't find the courage to turn her back on it all and build for herself a new life, outside of Hollywood. Too bad, at her end, she didn't have family or someone to love and to love her, as a life giving positive influence. As you point out, those she did have, were narcissistic abusers of her feminine self, or were as pitifully self destructive as she was. Poor Marilyn, we hardly knew you at all.

Bryce Wilson

Read this while listening to The French Inhaler (The greatest Monroe song I'll take it over Candle anyday) and I'm not ashamed to admit the combination made me tear up.



Beautiful tribute. I've been an MM fan for many years and at this time of year I do find myself pulling out movies and rewatching them. It's funny that I just watched a short documentary on the making of The Misfits and was musing on the sympatico between Monroe and Clift. Amazing. And very sad.

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