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Right there with you on the Love of New York and the hotel rooms and the people and the walking etc. I've only been there once (after 9/11) and it blew my mind how absolutely wonderful that city is. And, especially, how amazing the people of New York are. Wish I'd have lived there in my early 20's. By the way...I really like Your camera. Fantastic quality. Thanks for this. Have a good one. Oh yeah...I Love Ginger Rogers, so bonus points for that.


I love NYC too. I grew up in Jersey but have lived in Rome Italy for the last 20 years. I'm planning to visit soon and look forward to "feeling" what it's like after some years away.

Erich Kuersten

I love Sunset Gun, and was watching Gold Diggers of Paris 1936 and missing Gold Diggers of 1933 when I first read this. That movie is soooo New York, and your pictures are incredibly beautiful.


I don't know if you've seen it recently, but another fun Berkeley / Blondell collaboration was 1934's DAMES. I often get it confused with GOLD DIGGERS. A lot of equally stunning musical numbers and a still relevant storyline (about moral crusaders trying to stop a Broadway show).


Well, I love Ginger Rogers. She could do anything. ANYTHING.

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