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I pray that this discussion with Charlie Kaufman will be filmed and uploaded to youtube. I am in the UK and can't catch the livestream, but would so love to see your conversation.

And thanks for all your writing.

Ripley Simon

Me, I love self-indulgence. Southland Tales, Limits of Control, Death Proof, even Youth Without Youth, I'm a sucker for a director who goes overboard.

And, besides, when has Kaufman ever not been self-indulgent?

Eric Reanimator

Hoffman and Davis together again.


Although not abandoning the movie theatre, Kaufman as well as Gilliam and a number of other film makers seems to sense how profoundly home video has changed the medium. Film is no longer a singular experience. It is more akin to a recording to be savored over and over. What seems self indulgent upon reflection (and perhaps repeated viewings) takes on a quality of universality. That self, is in there, in all of us if it is pulled off. It is at heart very brave.

Ironic in a way to find everyone by being so intensely personal.


The Allen-Fellini comment is so on point it's terrifying. It's like I feel like it's about me personally. Not many films can do that.

Yeah I watched it in a Toronto theater that was full of people laughing at everything (me included). The sense of humor is impeccable.

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