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Just read the full version on IFC, great article. I’m so glad you finally got this movie in America, it came out last summer here in the UK, I declared it my movie of the month in a strong moth that included 500 Days of Summer, District 9 and Adventureland. It ended the year number 12 in my movies of the year list.

The acting in this film was so good a lot of reviews almost forgot the filmmaking. As a film it is brighter, more vibrant and certainly more accessible than Andrea Arnold’s other feature Red Road. The way the film is shot is unusual with the framing often contracting to a claustrophobic almost square screen. The use of light is amazing and she even occasionally finds beauty in ugly urban landscapes and totally benign settings.

Sadly it is a film far too few people will see.


Love your insight on the varieties of the teenaged girl ....

J. Sperling Reich

This piece is as well written and engaging as "Fish Tank" itself. It is rare to read such well thought out and educated commentary on films these days.

I agree with your sentiment about the dynamic between Mia and Connor. The sexual tension between them helps, in part, to drive the film, and ultimately the most significant change in Mia.


great review (i read the whole ifc one) though i differ w/ you that we're rooting for the seduction scene to happen, or that is is inevitable, or that we're not repulsed. i was wholly repulsed by connor's actions and his easy sleaziness (which we come to learn are only the tip of the iceberg). being generous, he's a fraud. also, i hated the last shot of the movie which stepped it down from truly great to pretty damn good. an otherwise amazing, glorious film.

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