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When the Father O'Malley leaves the church at the end of Going my way, I find the same kind of melancholia that in The sun shines bright's last shot.


I've read his laidback delivery was mostly due to being a pothead. Which may or may not have prompted Artie Shaw to call him "the first hip white person." Bing is great. I went through a Bing phase fairly recently and could never figure out how he managed to squeeze that deep baritone into such a small frame.


Otis "Motherfuckin'" Redding!!!


Great article about Bing.
We've heard the Christmas music for so many decades we sometimes forget real people recorded these tunes in a studio. If you can, check out the flubbed version of Jingle Bells from the Rhapsody website. It is listed as tune #19 (untitled) on disc 2 Here's the link...

Toward the end Crosby and the Andrews Sisters crack up laughing and Bing starts using profanity. But in the background the great Vic Schoen and his orchestra never miss a beat.

Max Allan Collins

Bing was probably the biggest multi-media pop star -- huge movie star, more #1's than Elvis and the Beatles, radio, TV, the "Road" pictures with Hope...just unbelievable.

As for his music sounding antiquated, I get that, but try BING SINGS WHILST BREGMAN SWINGS, available on CD and very much in the vein of Sinatra and Darin in full swing mode.

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