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It wasn’t until I started writing an article about David Fincher a few weeks ago that I realised this movie was ten years old, were has the decade gone? As you say some critics accused it of being fascist, we had the same problem here in the UK, they were mainly people who hadn’t actually seen the film.

I recently discussed the film with someone who had seen the film for the first time this year. For him watching the film following a financial crisis and eight years at war he had a different prospective to someone who had seen it when it first came out. In some ways the satire is more telling and more cutting ten years on. Is Tyler telling us if we had listened back they we wouldn’t have fucked things up so much?

It will be interesting to see how we perceive it in another ten years. However the world has changed and however relevant the film is it will still be an enjoyable film to watch and the existential element to the plot won’t age. For that reason I am glad that you point out: “the picture also works as supreme entertainment”, it is easy to forget just how funny it is at times.


You rule. Flat out. You are the coolest chick on the face of the earth. If I hadn't seen you on TV, I wouldn't think you were real -- you're too beautiful and too smart and funny. It's too much.

And you like men. You try to understand us. God bless you woman!


Excellent! This was the first of Morgan's articles I have read. I appreciated the perspective and insight. If this article represents her work's usual quality add me to the fan base.




Just as your review of the virgin suicides--a movie worthy of the book. thanks for the focus, kim.

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