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Reno Sepulveda

God I love this movie. The anti Atticus is right. I met Mitchum back in 1987 and found him to be just like you'd want him to be. Friendly...but still Robert Mitchum.

Erica David

So so great. And true you point out this whole cinematic category of alluring and menacing father/stepfather/uncles. Makes me think of Hitchcock too, like Shadow of a Doubt (Joseph Cotten incarnates this anti Atticus thing in dazzling style doesnt' he?) and even Rebecca, cause Maxim's a little like that. And that cad Zachary Scott in Mildred Pierce. Wow.

Kevyn Knox

Great piece on a great film (and film character). I love the whole anti-Atticus idea.


i like to watch its remade one. Though there are load of thriller genre movies The step father movie is the best movie in 2009. It makes my bones tickling. Omg, it was awesome guys. Some times I can’t believe how Nelson McCormick directed this movie. I like to see this thriller movie on the mega screen

cyndi lee

You got 'dreamlike river' right. I had recurring nightmares of that scene as a child. I can only guess that my mother watched it on TV when I was very little and I was in the room (she wouldn't have intentionally subjected me to such horror, considering she denied my 12-year-old self the opportunity to see Valley of the Dolls at a drive-in in '69!). It was only many years later, when I watched the film as an adult, that I finally made the connection.

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