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This is a wonderful article.
I love this film. I am also a big fan of The Fallen Idol and Odd Man Out.
Lime's entrance in this film is perfect.
I love the speech he gives. Timeless film.


I saw The Third Man for what is probably the twentieth time at the Film Forum over the summer, and when Lime's face was lit up for the first time people in the audience still gasped. Just the idea that something like that could still happen really moved me.


A film that endlessly reveals more of itself and its characters, seeming to change every time I watched it. Last time, it was the ineffable sadness of Holly Martins' recollection of his schoolboy friendship with Lime, which reveals itself, maybe without his conscious knowledge, as being one where he was always the fall guy for Lime's schemes... the time before that it was Alida Valli's line reading, responding to Cotten's brilliantly sappy 'You loved him, didn't you?' - 'I don't know what that means, all I know is that I want to be dead too.' Nothing on paper, the way she says it, sitting at her dressing table, broke my heart.

Paul D. Brazill

Great article. Fallen Idol is also a gem, I think.


Great article!

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