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If the incident described really happened, I'm really glad that it didn't get worse. The good news is that you don't need bad things happing to you in order to write great posts. In your third picture I find a striking resemblance to Rebekah del Rio in "Mulholland Dr."


Nice photos! Can't wait to read the whole thing in Garage. Just coming back from another La Carrera Panamericana - we actually finished this time.


You should try to do this race at least once. One week, 500Km a day, all the way up Mexico.

Tom Corrigan

Love your blog! I'm a big movie fan and really enjoyed your FIGHT CLUB post (from Huff. Post) - very insightful.
Keep up the great postings - really love reading your take on the movies and the movie stars, interviews, etc.
p.s. the first picture on this post is quite hot - reminds me of Bridget Bardot!

Fog Light

It's very nice & beautiful.thanks for sharing.

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