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I just watched this again yesterday.
Excellent piece.
I forgot how uncomfortable a film it is too watch. I would have to say it is one of his best.

We are getting our fair share of criticisms to for doing show about Polanski this Sunday.
Once again, great article.

The Siren

"Though I understand the sensitivity and complexity of the matter, I find some of the hysteria bordering on insane."

Yep. As always, a thoughtful point, fearlessly expressed. You've always been willing to buck the crowd.

I personally am glad he's finally being extradited, on the bedrock liberal principle that rich well-connected famous people, even geniuses, should not be above the law. But it isn't like we just caught the Zodiac killer.

Repulsion is far from my favorite Polanski, but between you and Glenn Kenny I may need to revisit it.

Thanks, you made some great points, as usual.

My theory on why now is that its payback for the reaction to "Wanted and Desire" which made the LA District attorney office seem like a bunch of fascist retarded starfuckers (which they are).

ps. and "statutory rape" is the correct term


very good post,
thank you for that

from france


Thank you for your thoughtful and reasonable words. Polanski is an artist and I also love "Repulsion" in all its complexity and sensitivity. Polanski did commit a crime and there should, finally, be some sensible resolution to this decades-ago tragedy. That does not, however, mean that I don't have great compassion for a man who has suffered more in his lifetime than probably any two dozen of us. If I had gone through what he has in his life I really can't begin to think where I would have ended up.
I can't begin to fathom these rabid, hysterical cries for vengeance from those who want his head on a platter. Who exactly is supposed to benefit from putting this 76 year-old man who has lived a blameless life for the last 31 years behind bars now? And no, I have never been molested or had a child of mine molested, but if that had been the case I would like to think that I would still retain some sense of fair play and take all related facts into consideration,including the victim's wishes, before passing final judgement.

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