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Tess Alexandria

I loooved Jessica in this movie.


I´ve been waiting for this article for 4 years and I´m very very satisfied with it. It´s a shame they didn´t stick with the facts, but then again, the film would almost be unbearable to watch without the Harry York-character. It is one of my favourite films anyway - thanks to Kim Stanley. And it´s the film that made me fall in love with America´s greatest actress, Jessica Lange. (The subway grating was in "The Seven Year Itch", though.)

Lola Re

This seems like such a great film, I want to watch it! I also like the fact that you are writing about films that you love that are flawed. It's important because films are like people, none are exactly perfect, but sooo many are completely lovable!!!

Don't Be a Plum

Erich Kuersten

I've never even seen this movie, because I know it would make me so mad I'd probably have to burn down all of Seattle in FF's name, ala the Nirvana song. But once again you go where sensitive males fear to tread, and feel all our righteous pain with more class and truth than we could likely feel it ourselves. Go KiM!

Miranda Wilding

I'm not from Seattle. Very close by, though. I also own FRANCES.

One word: Bravo.

I am in complete and total awe.

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