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Terrific piece on one of my favorite ROCK bands. My Zep remembrances always link back to the days of teenage/20-something sex. The soundtrack by the dashboard or stereo light.

Brad W

And Led Zeppelin's LPs (and much classic rock from that era), played on a decent system, definitively demonstrate the sad inferiority of some of the more recent formats. Just cue up the track The Ocean from Houses of the Holy at a somewhat aggressive volume and any argument about that should be over.

curtis cook

Kenneth Anger was just at the Hammer, and is still doing cemetary screenings, Jimmy was living in Aleister Crowleys house Boleskine when he was doing the soundtrack for Lucfer Rising...Kenneth turned into a jerk as usual so Jimmy quit the project, and Bobby Beausoleil from the manson family finished it. There are so many cool stories about rock and magick!

Jeff Duncanson

Ah, "When the Levee Breaks" - The best ever MTFT song.

(Music to __ to)

Love your site, BTW

molly kiely

Wow, you've managed to do something none of my boyfriends ever could -- convince me to actually LISTEN to Led Zeppelin. Thank you.

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