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agreed the opening is genius..this film hold a special place in my heart..for many reasons
Bill in Chi-Town

Jeremy Richey

Total agreement here Kim, It's a wonderful film and it has lost none of its power. I'm honestly not sure where I would rank it among my favorite Scorsese films, as I am in love with so many, but it is undeniably one of the most important...

"contained a specific potency that plays differently than the reference-soaked movies of Quentin Tarantino. I love Tarantino's operatic movie mélange (so do I) but with films now so readily available on DVD, Mean Streets snippet from The Searchers feels rarer, and in a way, more sacred."

You really hit on something here. I'm also impressed by how Scorsese was already able to reference his own films in this period (a sign of a true auteur) as Mean Streets is so connected to Who's That Knockin on My Door. While that earlier film isn't the masterpiece Mean Streets is, I think it is far more valubale than just the dry run many label it as. I'm amazed by how in tune Scorsese already was in terms of the themes and images he was looking to get across, and how even at this early stage his films feel connected. Even Boxcar Bertha is far from the 'work strictly for hire' it could have been and it is very much a Martin Scorsese picture (and a brillinat one on my eyes). The guy had and has the amazing ability to capture his influences and his own works like no other.
Also, on New York...I miss it too. It's not the same city that I remember from living there briefly when I was a kid in the mid seventies, and the films set there today aren't the New York films I grew up with. Honestly it makes me more than a little sad.


Agreed. The poolhall fight is amazing, the way that it winds down, then starts up again, the hilariously stupid dialog, it seem more like Scorcese filmed an actual fight that broke out among the actors than a staged scene.

Richard Romanus is fucking great in that movie -totally underrated.

Jack Maxfield

You guys do know that _Mean Streets_ was shot mostly in Los Angeles, don't you?

Well, never mind. Far be it from me to put a damper on any celebration of this brilliant film. I first saw it when I was 14 on plain ol' videotape, and I remember walking around in my neighborhood in a daze for literally hours afterwards, mainly thinking, "WOW. What a great movie. Wow."


Thanks for this wonderful review. I just can't wait to watch Mean Streets again. The Scorsese-De Niro team has really given us a bagful of cinematic gems!

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