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"I'll F**K you till you love me, FA****T? This is supposed to make us feel sorry for Tyson? Sure, I haven't see it in context, but I'm having trouble buying it. Sure, even the worst of us are misunderstood, but this exchange does nothing to make me want to watch or review this. Chances are I'll avoid it now.

Toback creeps me out too. He's always seemed full of himself and self-indulgent. I found nothing interesting, likeable or significant in "When Will I be Loved" or "Black and White" and I have trouble trusting Mike Tyson's "friend" to show us the real scoop on the guy. Sorry, Kim. I love your writing but I don't trust what I'm hearing in this interview.


Not that I'm disputing how interesting this documentary may be, but if someone offered me $100 if I could leave a movie after five minutes, I'd be gone. Not so much for the hundred bucks, as just to be ornery. Mind you, I've been that broke, too, now that I think of it. I can't believe he found 35 people and not one was broke enough or contrary enough to do it just because. Not like I'm amazed, but like I find it a genuinely dubious claim.

Evander Holystaats

Contrary to popular opinion I am seriously fascinated by both Toback and Tyson. Your writing continues to amaze, especially as you namedrop both Hardy and Dostoyevsky, making me jealous not only of how film literature you are but also of how well read you are. I have a lot of catching up to do. Keep up the good work and thanks for continuing to enlighten me.

Paul Brazill

Fantastic article!

Eric W.

This was balls out, real, smart stuff. From Dostoyevsky to the depth of basically, prison slang f***love. You have once again topped yourself as both a writer and a woman. James must have loved you.

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