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mister muleboy

Ms. Morgan -- in addition to being the most gorgeous creature ever to routinely comment on film, you are a genius: your quick summary [Heaven Can Wait, a sweet romantic comedy that, consistent with '70s cinema, managed to feel depressing.] captures and describes a decade's worth of film in . . . . eight words.


That depression in comedy lasted at least until 1982's Tootsie, which garnered such praise and comment.

I wonder what that movie would have been like with Mr. Beatty in the lead -- I feel it would have gone to deeper places [Dorothy Michaels wasn't particularly attractive, taking an element out of the interplay of the characters].

Sorry; I babble.

And now, a criticism. I implore you -- never, ever, ever again type the word oftentimes. It's an ugly, redundant abomination. Often does the trick nicely, and should be your friend.

I love you!

-- mister muleboy


So glad to see some one else liked Ishtar!
I have fond memories of seeing Ishtar with my Mom when I was on a break from college, and the two of us were in hysterics in the theater. We could never understand why it was so panned by critics.
I remember how some of the biggest criticism was about the swtiched roles of Beatty and Hoffman, which was so weird, since romantic success has more to do with actual confidence rather than physical looks.
Ishtar, Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Beatty is one of my heroes.
Very nice birthday tribute.

Erich Kuersten

I too dig Bulworth! I oftentimes turn to it in times of trouble. There's a genuine "in the moment" feeling that corresponds well to similar vibes in Altman films like Nashville, and Shampoo. I love how after Bulworth finally falls asleep after being up for three days, all his new black friends are looking at him wondering if he's going to be "sobered up" and retract all the wild stuff he promised. It's very, very perceptive. SOCIALISM!

Brian Libby

I'm also a big Bulworth fan. Beatty rapping is super fun, and Oliver Platt is great.

larry aydlette

I once saw Beatty (he's even more magnetic in person, very tall) and Adjani strolling down Fifth Avenue. Suddenly, Beatty pulled her over to the corner of a brownstone and began talking to her very close and intently. He was giving her The Full Beatty, and she didn't seem to be objecting.

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